Turkey Enginner developed a Chip for SmartPhone which can blank the screen for other viewers​

Great people invents great things. A Turkey citizen has developed such a chip which will blank the smartphone display, only a person having a specific chip injected glasses can see the screen on smartphone. Is not it awesome?


It is really very irritated when you are in crowed while reading your messages adn the surrounded people are also reading. Don’t know about you but i really feels very irritation. But now, the solution has been invented :).

Engineer has made a small microchip which can easily integrated with Smartphones, tablet, PC or even laptop screens. This microchip disable the screen view and your screen show only blank. If you want to see the screen then you need to wear a specific glasses which also have a same chip with blutooth integration. By which user can connect the glasses with smartphone via bluetooth and bypass the screen black option. In that case, only the connected person can only view the screen :).

A 42 years old Turkish man Goger repairs mobiles and lives in the Turkish town of Bismil, has invented extraordinary glasses through which only smartphone owner can see its phone screen others will see a white screen of the phone. According to Goger, four months ago when he was checking his emails at local tram, he noticed that strangers were staring at his phone screen that’s where the glasses idea came from. How the technology functions, it’s ambiguous yet because the invention is not covered by Western Media yet.


However, as per Goger, he made a chip which can be inserted into the smartphone or tablet it makes the device screen invisible. When the second chip is inserted into special glasses, it connects to the phone via Bluetooth. When you wear the special pair of glasses it allows you to see the smartphone screen usually. It is worth mentioning that the chips and Bluetooth will cost you around $10 which can switch the device on and off.

​The inventor also tested his invention in a café where he was only one who was staring at a white screen, first people laugh when he shared his glasses then they realized that he is authentic. Currently Goger is working for patents after that he will multiple options to his invention.